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As a Carer, we know that you spend a lot of your time caring for the needs of others, which can mean that your own needs often get put to one side.

We are a charity, with an aim to bring you support and advice, so that you can provide the best possible care to your loved one, as well as managing your own emotional and physical needs. 

Whether you know the things that you are entitled to or not, our Support Workers can help you to find out what would make your caring role easier for you, and help you to access these services. If this is the support that you would like, please give us a call.

We provide support tailored to you. As Carers can be of all ages, we have provided some information below on being a Carer at different stages in life.

To find out more, click HERE.

Think you know a Young Carer?

Do you run a Carers Support Group?

If so, you may be eligible for a small grant.

Norfolk Carers Support administers Small Grants to Carers Groups. This is to enable Carers to start or maintain support groups that provide Carers with leisure activities, breaks and support. These grants are funded by Norfolk County Council and Clinical Commissioning Groups in Norfolk, and are available to groups which:

- Support Carers in Norfolk, aged 18 and over

- Consist of at least 6 Carers

- Meet face-to-face, online or via phone conferencing

- Give Carers a break, through support, signposting and leisure activities

If your group meets these criteria, on the HERE to apply.






Our Projects

Norfolk Carers Support has many different projects (or services) supporting Carers of all ages. Here you will find our three distinct age groups; Young Carers, Young Adult Carers and Adult Carers. Please click on the boxes to the right to see more about each specific age group.

Alternatively you can click here to see a list of all the projects we run.

Young Carers



We provide monthly groups for Young Carers, providing them with the opportunity to take some time away from their caring responsibilities, enjoy socialising with other Young Carers and learn new skills.

We also frequently provide residential breaks.

Young Adult Carers


At Norfolk Carers Support, we run a Transitions Project to help Young Adult Carers (16-24 years) to make the most of their own potential. We do this by providing:

- Emotional support,

- Respite and social opportunities,

- Assistance with education, employment and training opportunities.

Adult Carers


The support that we provide for Adult Carers (18 years and over) is tailored to the individual. We understand that each Carer often requires different types of support.

We can help to provide you with the practical, emotional, social and financial support that you need to help with your caring responisibilities.


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