About Us

Norfolk Carers Support is a charity which has been providing specialist support to Carers in Norfolk for over 20 years. Formerly the Norwich & District Carers Forum, Norfolk Carers Support started as a collective voice for Carers in 1993. We are a registered charity and operate to provide direct emotional and practical support as well as information, advice and advocacy for carers of all ages throughout Norfolk. Our services have been intentionally designed to support Carers at various stages in their lives, which is why we have services for young people, young adults and adults. Within this, we also tailor our support down to individual levels.

The Young Carers (6-16 years old) support service provides children in Norwich with a regular group where they can meet with other Carers and have fun, learn new skills and have a few hours to enjoy being a child away from their caring roles. The groups are divided into 6-12 year olds and 12-16 year olds to give age-relevant activities and support.

The Young Adult Carers (16-24 years old) service provides regular emotional support from a support worker, social opportunities and residential trips, as well as guidance at this time of transition into employment or further education.

Our Adult Carers service offers support to Carers over the age of 16 years, either in their homes or somewhere that they are comfortable meeting. It assists in getting them as much help as available, directing them to the appropriate social, practical, emotional and financial opportunities, as well as being a listening ear. Our Adult Carers are active members of the Carers Agency Partnership, working with other organisations to provide the best possible support to Carers in Norfolk.

Please see the information below for our achievements for the financial year 2014-2015.

Annual Review 2014-2015