Young Carers Events


Wellbeing Workshops

All four of our Young Carers groups have the opportunity to take part in Wellbeing Workshops in June. These are a great time to reflect on themselves and ensure that they are getting the support that they need as carers.


60 Young Carers to Eaton Vale Activity Centre!

All of our Young Carers were invited to an activity day at Eaton Vale Activity Centre on 31st May. We were able to invite Young Carers from the Matthew Project’s Unity Service as well as from West Norfolk Carers. Together we had a great day enjoying raft building, archery, crate stacking and climbing. This is a trip that has taken place the last 2 years and is funded by the Rotary Club, with food provided by Waitrose, Eaton. Thank you to those who made it happen – The children had a fantastic time!

High Altitude!

The 6-12 year old group enjoyed a trip to High Altitude, a Trampoline Park in Norwich, at the start of May. The children had a great time having fun and taking a well-earned rest from their caring role.

First Aid Training

All of our 6-12 year old young carers were given the opportunity to take part in a First Aid training session in March.

6-12 year old residential to Eaton Vale

The 6-12 year old groups enjoyed a trip to Eaton Vale, with activities spread out over a few days in April. The activities included canoeing, catapult shoot-out, climbing, crate stacking, low ropes and pedal go-karting.

12-16 year old residential

In August the young people were invited to a 2 night residential at the Horstead Activity Centre.

6-12 year old activity day

The group chose the activity that they would like to take part in during August – they decided on Laser Quest!

12-16 year old activity day

The young people will be able to choose what they would like to do for their activity day in October. We will keep you posted on what they decide!

12-16 Year Old Group’s Day Trip

The young people were able to decide where they would like to go for their day trip.

6-12 Year Old Group’s Day Trip

Our 6-12 year old group decided that they wanted to go to play laser quest for their day trip this summer, so we took both of our younger Norwich groups to Battle Stations Activities in Snetterton for an afternoon of laser challenges and time together. It was a great afternoon!


Norwich City Football Match

We given 8 tickets to take Young Carers to see Norwich’s first game back in the Premiership on Saturday 8th August- Norwich V Crystal Palace. The young people had a brilliant time!


Norfolk Young Carers Forum Festival

This year we took our 12-16 year old group to the festival organised and run by Norfolk Young Carers Forum (NYCF). This trip includes taking part in activities, games and camping, as arranged by the NYCF.


Residential Trip

In May we took a group of Young Carers (aged 6-12) on a residential trip to increase friendships, have fun and take some time away from their caring responsibilities. They went to Eaton Vale for a fun-packed 2 days, with activities including backwards cooking, crate stacking, climbing, canoeing, Jacob’s ladder and pedal go karting.


60 Young Carers to Eaton Vale

On 27th May we were able to take 60 young carers for a day trip to Eaton Vale. This was kindly funded by the Rotary Club of Norwich St Edmund, with delicious food provided by Waitrose. Young Carers came from across the county, as children from West Norfolk Carers, Break and Great Yarmouth and Gorleston Young Carers were able to join us on the day. The children had a great time taking part in Raft Building, Crate Stacking, Bushcraft and having a go on the Low Ropes Course. Thank you to all of those who helped to make the day a great success.


Well-being Workshop

At the start of April we took 20 Young Carers (aged 12-16) to a Well-being Workshop run by Enable East. The workshop was held at Horstead Activity Centre, and involved lively activities as well as a chance to think about how they can increase their own well-being as they care for a loved one.


Circus Skills

In March our 12-16 year old group enjoyed learning circus skills from the team that came during one of their sessions. It was a great time of having fun, learning new skills and building relationships.


Motivational Defense

In February and March we were able to have the Motivational Defense team in our 6-12 and 12-16 year old group sessions to teach the children skills on keeping themselves safe.


Oh yes they did!

25 Young Carers from across the groups we run were able to see this year’s production of Peter Pan at The Theatre Royal in January. Thanks to the generosity of the theatre we were able to book subsidised seats meaning we could take more Young Carers. The event was also supported by some of our volunteers who were a fantastic help. Everyone involved had a great time, laughing along at the antics of Smee and cheering when the actors gave them a shout out from the stage.

Peter_Pan4 (3)


12-16 year old trip to Pleasure Beach, Great Yarmouth!

We have asked our Young Carers groups what they would like to do for their activity day during the summer holidays this year, and had some brilliant suggestions. But the winning suggestion was an afternoon enjoying the attractions of Pleasure Beach in Great Yarmouth!


Banham Zoo

In August we took our 6-12 year old group to Banham Zoo for the day where they enjoyed seeing the animals, exploring the park, playing together and feeding the animals!


Norfolk Young Carers Forum Festival

We took a group of Young Carers to the Festival run by Norfolk Young Carers Forum, where they enjoyed taking part in activities arranged by the Forum, including a mini-sports day! Below is a photograph of part of the winning team of the day (our group of course!!).


Residential Trip at Horstead

In June we took a group of our Young Carers to Horstead for a residential trip. This was a great time where the children could take part in team building exercises, zip-wire challenges, canoeing, campfires and get a fun-packed break away from their caring responsibilities.



Eaton Vale

In May we took 60 Young Carers to Eaton Vale activity centre for a fun-packed day out! They took part in Back-woods Cooking, Wall Climbing, Raft Building and Team Building activities. The children had a brilliant time as they learnt new skills and enjoyed a day out!