Leaving a Gift in your Will

Leaving a gift in your will can make a huge difference to the young people we support throughout the time that they care for someone. Your donation will help us to reach more young carers in Norfolk and provide the vital support that they and their loved ones need.

We understand that as a first priority, you will want to ensure that your loved ones are taken care of, but many people find that they’d like to leave something to a cause they hold dear.

Why leaving a legacy is so important

Many young and adult carers across Norfolk rely on the services provided by Norfolk Carers Support, and with your legacy gift, we can continue to provide specialist support to people aged between 6 and 24 years old who care for or are affected by, a family member who has:

  • A physical disability
  • A long-term physical illness
  • A mental health problem
  • A learning difficulty
  • Drug or alcohol misuse problems

Where your money will go

We are grateful for every gift we receive and each one makes a huge difference. We understand that you may already have a particular activity or area in mind that you would like to support, however, we would like to highlight the importance of gifting legacies free from restrictions, these gifts enable us to direct support where it is most urgently needed.

However you choose to give, your gift will be used to fund the vital services we provide for carers throughout Norfolk. This will range from providing; practical help in the home, emotional support and helping carers to experience some of the social activities they might usually miss out on due to the responsibilities they have as a carer.  

To give you an idea of the huge difference your donation can make:

  • £5 pays for more equipment for our Young Carers groups
  • £12 gives an hour of emotional support to Carers of all ages
  • £15 pays for a DBS check for a volunteer to be able to support a Carer
  • £18 helps a Carer and their family access the support that they need
  • £20 allows a Young Carer to go on activity trips with other Carers
  • £60 pays for a Young Adult Carer to go on a residential trip


What types of gift can you leave?

Cash gift: This is a fixed amount of money.

We are of course, grateful for all types of support that we receive and every donation is invaluable to our cause. Leaving a cash gift is not the only way that you can support us, below is a list of the other types of gifts we receive:

Residuary gifts (Estate share): Once you have taken care of your loved ones, you can donate what is called a ‘residuary gift’ this is everything that is left in your estate once all debts bills and taxes have been paid. You can give Norfolk Carers Support all or a portion of what is left after friends and family.

Specific (non-cash) gift: This involves the leaving of a specific item, for example, a piece of jewellery worth £5,000.

Non-specific gifts: This refers to a gift which is not a particular item, such as ‘all my personal possessions’.

If you would like to make an immediate difference, please donate here. 

We have included an example below of how you might structure the wording of your gift depending on the type of gift you are leaving:

I give Norfolk Carers Support (registered charity number 115568) of First Floor, 69-75 Thorpe Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR1 1UA….

Residuary gift: (enter ‘all’ or ‘a_______% share of’) the residue of my estate.

Cash Sum: the sum of £______ 

Non-specific: (enter details of what you are leaving _______)

I also direct that the receipt of the Treasurer or, duly authorised officer, of Norfolk Carers Support shall be a full and sufficient discharge for the said legacy.”

If you wish to leave an alternate gift to us, you solicitor will be able to help you to incorporate this into your will.

Please be aware that the above is only guidance, not legal advice. We are unable to offer legal or financial advice and recommend that you obtain appropriate professional advice before making your will.


If you would like to talk about leaving a gift to us in your will, please call Norfolk Carers Support on 01603 219924, today. 



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