Young Carers Mental Health Parliament Event

Carers Trust are working with MPs, Suffolk Family Carers, Cambridge Carers Trust and Norfolk Carers Support to hold an event in Parliament about how to improve the mental health of young carers. It is a great opportunity for young carers to tell MPs how they could get better support.

We are meeting on the 23rd January in Norwich between 11am and 4pm to plan the event.

We can only take 5 young and young adult carers. The guidance we have been given is that people who come:

  • Need to have an interest in mental health: They need to be interested in talking about the mental health of young carers like them and maybe their own experience too if they are comfortable with that.
  • Future commitment: They need to be able to commit to attend the parliamentary event in London on 23rd February.

If you would like to come, please speak to your support worker or text John on 07745308637 by 5pm on Tuesday 19th Feb. If we have more than 5 carers interested, which we expect to be the case we will pull names out a hat to decide who goes.